Performing Translation: Translatorship in the 21st Century

University College Cork

21st-22nd June 2019

Browse our provisional programme below or download a PDF copy here.

FRIDAY 21st JUNE 2019   

9.00 – 9.30Registration, coffee
9.30 – 10Welcome
10 – 11Keynote: Dr Séverine Hubscher-Davidson
11 – 12.45Panel A: Translation and Conflict
Translation through the Prism of Settler-Coloniality: Indigenous Transfer, Framed Translation, and the Israel Palestine Conflict
Yana Shabana (University of Birmingham)
From Silence to Insurgency: Renarrating and Reframing Political Activism in Pre and Post-2011 Syria for the Anglophone Market
Mohammad Zabadi (University of Bristol)
Dispelling Guilt: Reconstructing the Spanish Civil War through Translation
Alicia Fernández (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Panel B: Training the Translator in the 21st Century: Creative and Multidisciplinary Approaches
Translation is Dialogue: Language in Transit
Arlene Tucker (Independent)
Linguistic Hospitality from Classroom to Stage to the World
Dainel Leisawitz (Muhlenberg College)
From Student to Expert: On Recognizing and Building One’s Professional Identity and Expertise
Pia Salo (University of Turku)
12.45 – 13.30Lunch
13.30 – 15 Panel C: Translating Culture(s) in a Global World (I)
Taming the Other in Literary Translation: Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea as a Case Study
Samia Aljabri (Umm Al-Qura University)
Instagrammisation in French Contemporary Literature and Translatability
Louise Kari Mereau (Trinity College Dublin)
Translating Children’s Literature: A Case Study of Roald Dahl’s English Novels in Hindi
Sushmita Pareek (University of Hyderabad)
Panel D: Translators in the 21st Century: New Tools and Methodologies
Translation and Modern Language Learning and Teaching
Penelope Johnson (Durham University)
Translators’ Emotions, Performance and LSP (Language Service Provider) Communication
Carine Graff (University of North Texas)
Unsung Performances
Marella Ferltrin-Morris (Ithaca College, US)
15.00 – 15.30Coffee break
15.30 – 17:30Panel E: The Translator in Society
Translator’s Social Identities and their Reflections on the Translated Text
Fatma Ülkü Kavruk (Gazi University)
Towards a Sociological Construction of the Translator’s Brand: the “Discoverer” Howard Goldblatt
Wenqian Zhang (University of Leeds)
“Sometimes It Is the Key to Another World”: Anne Carson and the Symbiotic Process of Literary Translation
Pauline Jaccon (Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3)
Mourning, Exile and the Joys of Self-Translation
Henriette Korthals Altes (University of Essex)
Panel F: The Translator in the Text
Translation as a Three-Dimensional Activity: A Stylistic Perspective
Ilaria Rizzato (University of Genoa)
Translation as a Poetic Palimpsest: Catullus in Grigoriy Dashevskiy’s Works
Galina Shkumat (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
Translating and Transforming the Images: Cross-cultural and Cross-lingual Poetry Translation
Xun Liu (Trinity College Dublin)
Performing Identity and Experience: The Translator as Author, Reader and Character
Maggie Zebracka (University of Iowa)
17:30 – 18:30Workshop: Jethro Soutar and Rachael McGill
19 – 20Theatre Performance and Reception

SATURDAY, 22nd JUNE 2019

9.00 – 10:30Panel G: Exploring Gender and Agency in Translation
Using Semi-Structured Interviews to Explore Gender Performativity within Queer Translation Practices: The Case Study of the Spanish Translation of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation
Ariadna Molinari-Tato (University of Manchester)
Translating Principles: Navigating a Career in Translation and Social Responsibility
Martina O’Leary (Independent, Ireland)
“You are the Door, not the One who Walks through It”: Challenging Gender, Translation and Agency in Yuri Herrera’s Señales que precederán al fin del mundo.
Caragh Barry (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Panel H: Translation and/in performance(s)
Textual comicality in drama translation (Spanish-English): transferring wordplay and character names in the 21st century
Jorge Braga Riera (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
Translating Cultures: Irish Colonialism, Greek Tragedy and the Monochrome Lens
India Halstead (University of Pennsylvania)
Ag Damnhsa sa Dorchadas: Constructing and Cruising Queer Utopias in Theatre Translation
Richard Huddleson (Queen Mary University, London)
10.30 – 11Coffee Break
11 – 13:00Panel I: Metaphors of Translation and Translation as a Metaphor
Performing Translation as MetaphorAlexa Alfer, Juliet Vine (University of Westminster)
The Increasing Role of Metaphor in 21st Century Translation
Michael J McCann (InfoMarex Translations)
Disabling Translation
Pedro de Senna (Middlesex University)
Impersonating Translators: Between Character and Personae in Augusto Monterroso, José Emilio Pacheco and Juan Goytisolo
Elena Madrigal (El Colegio de México)
Panel J: Translating Culture(s) in a Global World (II)
When Too Many Hands Do Not Spoil the Broth: Translating African-Language Novels into English
El Hadji Moustapha Diop (Macalester College)
On Translating Synaesthesia in Yu Hua’s Avant-garde Fiction World Like Mist
Long Yang (Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
The Translator in the Postmodern Era: A Polycultural Nomad
Eleni Mavridou (Ionian University)
How Newness Enters the Translation Proper: Cultural Translatorship of Non-Native Speaker Writers
Gödze Sertesser (Istanbul University)
13.00 – 14.00Lunch
14.00 – 16:00 Panel K: (Re) Constructing the Translator’s Identity
Constructing Literary Translators’ Translatorship through Narrative Identity
Anu Heino (Tampere University)
Sitting Between Two Chairs: Reflections on Contemporary Literary Translatorship between the Ivory Tower and the Literary Coalface
Chantal Wright (University of Warwick)
Theatre Translator: Performer or Mediator?
Josefina Zubáková, Martina Pálusová (Palacky University)

Panel L: Translation and/in New Media
Non-representational Translation as a Performative Act: Focusing on Community-Building Roles in Cultural Brokering YouTube Vlogs
Seryun Lee (University of Manchester)
Subtitling in the 21st Century through Reception Theory
Biljana Pajic (University of Belgrade)
Does Translation Spark Joy?: Exploring the Performance of Translation on Netflix from Tidying Up with Mary Kondo to Narcos to Killing Eve through Twitter and other Social data
Renée Desjardins (Université de Saint-Boniface)
Culture, Food and Subtitling: The Cognitive Process of Translation in Audiovisual Media
Eleonora Sasso (University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara)
16.00 – 16:30Coffee break
16.30 – 17:30Keynote: Dr Gabriela Saldanha
17:30 – 18:30Roundtable: Translatorship in the 21st Century. Dr Gabriela Saldanha, Dr Séverine Hubscher-Davidson, Jethro Soutar, Rachael McGill
18:30 – 18:45Conference Closing
20:30Conference Dinner