Estefanía Muñoz Gómez

EMGProject DaRT Administration

Estefanía Muñoz Gomez is a PhD candidate in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences at University College Cork, where she was a awarded an Excellence Scholarship for her project on translation practices in multilingual business settings. As both a translator and a language teacher, her research interests revolve around the areas of translation competence, translator training and education, the translation profession, and non-professional translation and interpreting.

Laura Linares 


Project DaRT Communications 

Laura Linares (@laura_lino) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies in University College Cork. Her research on the translation and mediation of narrative from a minority/minorized culture (Galician) into the hegemonic English speaking-world is funded by the Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship. Her main research interests include translation and ideology, cultural representation, translation in non-hegemonic cultures and the role of translation in the construction of identities in a global world, as well as the application of corpus-based methodologies to the study of texts and their translations.

Craig Neville


Project DaRT Student Engagement

Craig Neville (@craigjneville) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at University College Cork, Ireland. He is a Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholar whose research is centred in the field of Audiovisual Translation Studies in the minority language communities of Galicia and Catalonia. His main research interests concern the use of dubbing and subtitling for cultural representation and sociolinguistic standardisation, the applications of critical discourse analysis to translation to uncover representations of ideological and asymmetrical power structures and the use of triangulated and comparative methods to socially situate translators and their work.

MA Translation Studies Representative (2018-2019)

Marine Steinbauer 


Marine is an postgraduate student enrolled on the MA in Translation Studies at University College Cork (2018-2019)