National Translation Month: Secondary School Engagement

During the month of September, Project DaRT launched a competition for secondary schools across Munster to get involved in thinking about what translation is for them.

We created a very short translation activity that schools could undertake with their students of any level. The theme was:

Me, Myself and I Translated 

The idea behind this theme was to give students the opportunity to translate something that is particular to them and their lives. For example, they might translate their favourite song into Spanish, they might write a poem in a foreign language that “translates” their favourite book, they might paint a picture based on a short piece of reading that they have done in a foreign language or Irish…the possibilities were endless! However, the principal criterion was CREATIVITY! 

The best work produced by students across Munster will be showcased at UCC with a special event during which the winning participants will undertake a day of language learning and translation. We are also linking with the new government’s Languages Connect strategy to promote translation as a means to realise the strategy.

If you would like to hear anything else about the project, then please contact me ( or Project DaRT via Facebook or on Twitter via @project_dart; however, if you would like to undertake a similar small-scale project in your school, we have included links below to the original PDF and a powerpoint about translation and research that you can use in class.

St Vincent’s in Cork City

Image result for documents


National Translation Month (UCC)

Translation for Secondary School

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