Podcast #3: The politics of translation

In our third podcast we read Spivak’s ‘The Politics of Translation’ and discussed the responsibility of the translator towards the author and the audience, the dichotomy of ‘Third World’ and ‘First World’, the position of the feminist writer in the ‘Third World’ and the unique approach to translating postcolonial literature.

Please remember that this podcast is a direct recording of spontaneous ideas that we discuss as part of our development as PhD candidates and not final statements of our positioning in regards to theory. We would love to hear from others through the comments’ sections, but please keep it kind and respectful. Thank you!

One comment

  1. That was an interesting discussion!
    A thought on the ideas of stream of consciousness, challenging expectations, and ethics: I got the impression that her process was actually more about following norms than breaking them, because she’s sticking to a very clear agenda and in a very conscious way.
    So it’s again a question of ends and means. By taking the translation in a certain direction you may have the best of intentions, but how is this technically different from taking it in the opposite direction? An argument could be made on ideological grounds, of course, but it seems to me that she is relying on an asummed “truth” that exist within the text. This is where the ethical question really lies, in my opinion.


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